"Change The Perception of Collections"

How it all started...

I started my first business in 1997 during my senior year at Ohio State. Choice Recovery, Inc. was a third party collection agency that represented more than 10,000 clients and employed up to 100 employees. I never heard a client say they loved sending people to collections, yet there was 75,000 people sent to collections every month because of financial hardship or sudden job loss. So, I decided to do something about it.

I Authored a Big Vision

Collaboration: Choice Recovery, Inc & [re]start

In 2013, I created a customer care department that helped people find new jobs. This strategy transformed my company into an industry outlier. We helped thousands of people secure new employment opportunities.

In 2018, I launched [re]start as a separate venture and in 2020 I built a multi-user Career Development App using no-code technology. We provided complimentary access for people to work with our live Career Advisors who made personalized job recommendations and even applied to open positions on their behalf. The impact was transformational, internally and externally.

After selling my collection agency on my 25th anniversary, I started providing other companies the same opportunity to leverage [re]start as a social impact initiative. This led to one of my clients buying a majority stake in the business allowing me time to focus on sharing my entrepreneurship and leadership experience as well as other CEO's insights as an editorial journalist with Authority Magazine.

Keynote Speaking

As a nationally recognized authority, Chad speaks about topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, and overcoming challenges when starting, leading, or trying to sell your business. He engages the audience and leaves an impact on everyone he speaks to.

I started my first company in 1997 while living on campus and going to Ohio State. I got an opportunity to start my the business following a summer internship job in Cleveland, Ohio.
Choice Recovery, Inc was a medical collection agency that I expanded nationwide and represented more than 10,000 clients and employed up to 100 employees.
For over a decade, Choice Recovery, Inc was recognized locally and nationally as a "Top Workplace". CEO Magazine and Business First ranked Choice Recovery, Inc the #1 Best Place to Work in Central Ohio.
In 2010, I hired an Executive Coach from Built to Lead and over the next decade provided my entire company an opportunity to participate in an executive leadership program.
In 2010, I joined YPO. I went through multiple training programs to become a moderator and was selected to recruit and start a brand new Forum.
In 2013, I set out to "Change the Perception of Collections" and started a new customer care department that empowered my employees to help people sent to collectors find new jobs so they could get out of debt.
We created [re]start to help people find meaningful employment opportunities, but we had no idea how much impact it would have. It quickly became our #1 recruiting and sales tool attracting top talent and new clients.
In 2016, I hired EOS and after one year began self implementing the system at Choice Recovery and with [re]start.
In 2017, I join the Strategic Coach Program with Dan Sullivan. The leadership program is designed for entrepreneurs. I worked with and created collaborations with some of the top business leaders in the country.
In 2017, I became a Kolbe Certified Trainer and provided everyone on my team with personal assessments to help them better understand how to asses their own and other teammates style of work. click here
In 2018, I separated and filed a new LLC for [re]start and began offering it as a service to other organizations seeking a social impact initiative. We quickly found other forward-thinking companies who wanted to help their customers find new jobs.
In 2020, I built a multi-user app using no-code technology giving people complimentary access to work directly with live Career Advisors, personalized job recommendations, and access to A.I. tools that provide custom tailored resumes to match job descriptions.
In 2021, I started building company Playbooks to help my company scale. I eventually invested in the business and became a partner. I provide Playbook as a service to companies looking for an LMS option to help them onboard and train employees.
In 2023, on my 25th anniversary, I sold Choice Recovery, Inc to a large National Collection Agency and in 2023, I sold a majority stake of [re]start to one of the clients.
In 2023, I joined Authority Magazine as an editorial journalist and interview high profile CEO's to capture and share their insights and experience.