I love pouring my heart and soul into helping other leaders transform their vision into their reality.

How it all started...

My journey started when I started my first business in 1997 during my senior year while going to Ohio State. Choice Recovery, Inc. was a third party collection agency that represented more than 10,000 clients nationwide with up to 100 employees. Over the course of my career, I never heard a client say they loved sending people to collections, yet more than 75,000 people were sent to my collection agency every month due to financial hardship or sudden job loss.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I Authored a BIG Vision

Collaboration: Choice Recovery, Inc & [re]start

Changing the Perception of Collections.

In 2013, I founded [re]start. It began as a department of Choice Recovery, aimed at helping people in debt find new jobs so they could get back on their feet financially. This initiative grew into a full-fledged multi-user online platform. In 2018, I started selling [re]start to other forward-thinking companies because of it's success. Choice Recovery helped thousands of people secure new career opportunities and I knew other companies would see this as an incredible social impact initiative with valuable potential for their brand.

In 2022, on my 25th anniversary, I decided to sell Choice Recovery, Inc and in 2023, I sold the majority share of [re]start to one of my clients so I could focus on my next expression as a leadership coach with Built to Lead.

Lead Writer | Journalist

In 2023, I started a personal brand called Authentic Authority and I also joined Authority Magazine as a lead writer for leadership and entrepreneurship topics. I interview executives and get an opportunity to help them share their story, purpose, or social impact. I started a YouTube channel to share leadership insights and started an interview series to learn from others.

Built to Lead

Today, my focus is on building into others and giving them the same gift I was given back when I started training with the Founder of Built to Lead in 2010. Together, we have practice more than 500 times and have facilitated more than 350 team leadership practices. I only work with a small select group of high perfomers who have what it takes to become Built to Lead.

Keynote Speaking

As a nationally recognized authority, Chad speaks about topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership, collaboration, and overcoming challenges when starting, leading, or trying to sell your business. He engages the audience and leaves an impact on everyone he speaks to.

I started my first company, Choice Recovery, Inc. in 1997 during my senior year while going to Ohio State.

Choice Recovery, Inc was a medical collection agency that I expanded nationwide and represented more than 10,000 clients and employed up to 100 employees.

For over a decade, Choice Recovery, Inc was recognized locally and nationally as a "Top Workplace". CEO Magazine and Business First ranked Choice Recovery, Inc the #1 Best Place to Work in Central Ohio.

In 2010, I hired an Executive Coach from Built to Lead and over the next decade provided my entire company an opportunity to participate in an executive leadership program.

In 2010, I joined YPO. I went through multiple training programs to become a moderator and started and facilitated a brand new Forum.

In 2013, I set out to "Change the Perception of Collections" and started [re]start, a career development platform that helped people find new jobs.

[re]start was recognized by Business First with an outstanding innovation award, while Chioce Recovery, Inc was awarded the Better Business Bureau's prestigous Torch Award For Ethics.

In 2016, I hired EOS to help my team scale. I began training and self-implementing after one year.

In 2017, I join the Strategic Coach Program with Dan Sullivan. I worked with and created collaborative partnerships with some of the top business leaders in the country.

In 2017, I became certified as a Kolbe Certified Assessment Trainer. To learn more click here

In 2018, I started providing other companies an opportuntity to use [re]start.

In 2019, I built a multi-user app using no-code technology giving people complimentary access to work directly with live Career Advisors, personalized job recommendations, and access to A.I. tools that provide custom tailored resumes to match job descriptions.

In 2021, I started building company Playbooks to help my company scale. I eventually invested in the business and became a partner. I provide Playbook as a service to companies looking for an LMS option to help them onboard and train employees.

In 2022, on my 25th anniversary, I sold Choice Recovery, Inc to a large National Collection Agency and in 2023, I sold a majority stake of [re]start to one of the clients.

In 2023, I joined Authority Magazine as an editorial journalist and interview high profile CEO's to capture and share their insights and experience.

In 2023, I started my journey as a leadership coach and began working with a few clients that I plan to pour my heart and soul into helping puruse their magnum opus.