Amanda Deltuvia On How To Succeed By Doing Things Differently

An Interview With Chad Silverstein

Know what to Keep Sacred. Entrepreneurial souls often have a lot of beautiful ideas, but cannot answer the doubtful questions that often arise in others. Keep some things to yourself to allow these dreams to play out, evolve and change! A lot of people won’t understand what you are doing and are scared of all of the “what ifs.” Find the people that will celebrate your dreams, even if you don’t have all the answers. I would often overshare as a means to connect and it would turn into judgement from other people.

In the world of business and within every industry, there are forward-thinking leaders who go against the status quo and find success. Their courage to take risks, embrace innovation, and inspire collaboration separates them from the competition. Until 2002, Apples famous slogan was “Think Different”. This attitude likely helped them become one of the most successful organizations in history. This interview series aims to showcase visionary leaders and their status quo-breaking” approach to doing business. As part of this series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Amanda Deltuvia.

Amanda Deltuvia is a full-time spiritual healer, psychic, life coach and speaker. Her mission is to bring clarity, peace and inspiration to everyone she works with. You can learn more about her here: or

Thank you so much for doing this with us! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us your Origin Story”? Can you tell us the story of how you grew up?

I grew up near the Jersey Shore in an upper-middle-class household. I was the oldest of five kids, so my upbringing was conservative and strict. I saw firsthand (and tried to help fix as a child) the stressors of raising so many people — physically, financially, and emotionally. I was a very sensitive but goofy child — attuned to environments, people, emotions, animals, and the planet. I always felt a deep calling to do something big with my existence as well as help the world. I loved making art, writing, dancing, acting, music, animals, and creating things.

Can you give us a glimpse into your journey into this industry and share a story about one of the most significant challenges you faced when you first started out? How did you end up resolving that challenge?

I think the biggest challenge I struggled with was the “not enough-ness.” I had to unlearn feeling unworthy or that sacrificing everything was the only way to succeed. I learned to time things out through my own internal clock to make sure my emotions or bank account wasn’t completely overwhelmed.

I invested in myself through therapy and courses with trusted leaders. I used whatever means I had because I was sick of how I was living and feeling every day. Nothing is more vital than investing in yourself, and I feel like society is still not used to that because we don’t think we deserve it. People, especially women, are conditioned to do more and be more for others, and yet it still never feels like enough!

Our brains try to keep us safe by sticking with the known, so too many drastic changes can really become debilitating for some of us. My nervous system and my thoughts had to heal at each juncture. I did something for my business that felt a little uncomfortable or scary but didn’t totally overwhelm me. With time, I learned how to take each step, regardless if it was fruitful or not, as a part of a path that I was meant to be on. I also learned that not knowing every step of the way, but knowing your purpose and that you will get there can actually be surprising in really beautiful ways.

Who has been the most significant influence in your business journey, and what is the most significant lesson or insight you have learned from them?

My therapist and business coach. My therapist taught me that everything is temporary, which allowed me to move through the hard times and savor the beautiful ones. My business coach taught me that women deserve to be paid for their healing practices.

Can you share a story about something specific that happened early on that you would consider a failure but ended up being a blessing in disguise or ended up being one of the most valuable lessons you had to learn on your own?

So many people online and my business course hit home the idea of filming course modules to create reoccurring revenue. I created an 8-module healing course to help people release anxiety through breath work, movement, and mindset shifts. I knew someone who was a cameraman who I would see at social gatherings. Friends thought it’d be a good fit and matched my tight budget.

This person clearly was not a professional — on his phone texting (and even jumped on a Skype farewell meeting for a colleague who was retiring in between segments!), the camera shots were shaky and blurry, and a whole segment with a fly flying around my head and landing on me! I was in tears when I saw all of my work being completely destroyed by the quality.

When the bill came, he completely disregarded our budget agreement for footage I could not use. I called to share my concerns and was met with defensiveness, anger, and ignoring the facts that were literally on the footage. Luckily, I knew film lingo and insisted that I would only pay him for his day rate.

This setback led me to pivot towards my live one-on-one programs which continue to be my most sought-after offerings and helped sky-rocket my business.

I learned to not hire someone just because casual friends recommend them. Stand your ground for the quality of work you want and keep things simple.

Leading anything is hard, especially when grappling with a difficult situation where it seems that no matter what you decide, it will have a negative impact on those around you. Can you share a story about a situation you faced that required making a hard call” or a tough decision between two paths?

Knowing when to let clients or collaborations go. There is no easy way to tell clients who are going through difficult times that I am not the right life coach or psychic reading support for them.

In the beginning, and what a lot of old school business mindsets say, to take any business that comes your way when starting out. I wanted to hold onto clients who would take advantage of my time, resources, and compassion for their situations.

I have also had to let go of working with businesses that although the people may be kind, if the business practices are confusing, tedious, and not lucrative it is okay to walk away.

It feels like a failure, but if you are truly prioritizing yourself, your business, and respect for others, you can say no. Sometimes NOT getting more business can be a win, giving space for something better to come through.

Let’s shift our focus to the core of this interview about Successful Rule Breakers. Why did you decide to break the rules”? Early on, did you identify a particular problem or issue in how businesses in your industry generally operated? What specifically compelled you to address this and want to do things differently? Please share how you went about implementing those changes and the impact they had.

Every single workday for me is different — aside from my scheduled times with clients.

This helps me thrive and stay in a flow state. I honor my monthly, weekly, and daily energy cycles as they come to harness my natural strengths so I can show up as my best self for my clients. And I don’t guilt myself.

This was hard to break coming from 9–5 jobs and what we were taught. “Rise and grind.” “Start your day at 5 am and begin writing, then go for a run.” “Early bird gets the worm.” “Work hard, play hard.” No thanks. My body and mind needed gentleness, kindness, and healing. I wanted to play AND success every day. My childhood, teens, and twenties were so stressful, so the last thing I needed was more pressure, guilt, and less sleep.

When I gave myself naps, moments of mindful rest (stretching, listening to music), or go on a walk because I knew I needed it, I’d have a breakthrough for my business or do five hours of work in a one-hour period. Being kind to yourself when you have big hopes and dreams can sometimes feel really uncomfortable.

Learn how YOUR body and mind work as you go for what you want. There will be days where you need breaks, give them to yourself and know that your goals will still happen because you’ve decided they will.

My therapist and I decided as well that instead of the daily task list, I give myself a weekly task list — things I knew I had to get done and would get done, but without the pressure of a 24-hour window. This helped take the pressure off of performing every day the same way and solidified what was really important to me.

In the ever-changing business landscape, how exactly do you decide when to adhere to industry norms versus breaking the rules” and forging your own way? Can you share an example?

Finding out you authentically are to let go as much pressure to be “accepted” by the business world. Everyone will have an opinion — and the more truthful you are in your existence, the more polarizing you will be.

I learned over many years and many experiences with other humans, that instead of raging against the industry norms, which is still putting energy into the paradigm, start paving your own path. See where it may intersect with industry norms so it can help you on your journey. It will feel less arduous.

Also, quality over quantity when it comes to networking. One genuine connection can lead to thousands of opportunities. I have learned to be picky when it comes to where I spend my energy, especially with things like networking events.

Whenever a business/someone is based on fear, ego, confusion, competition, or hate — I know that those are not my people or missions to collaborate or work with or that I want to work with or associate with. Speak up and give others a heads-up if they run the business as well if you feel called. Don’t be afraid to call out, walk out, disengage, and stand up for yourself and others. I truly feel that businesses now must be built on empathy and community. Know your core values, and be an advocate for a new world while dancing with some industry norms as needed.

What guidance or insight can you offer to new entrepreneurs trying to follow existing and accepted industry norms while at the same time trying to differentiate themselves in the marketplace?

Find out WHO you are and how are you SERVING (note: not sacrificing yourself) the world, versus what people you need or what you want. The right people and environments will come. It may take some time and definitely some trial and error, but if you are in a growth mindset it will all serve you at some point.

To make an impact, you have to champion change, get creative, and take risks. Please think back about the decisions youve made that have helped your business get to where it is today, and share your top 5 strategies or decisions that helped you succeed by doing things differently.

1 . Invest in Yourself

If you have found your calling and know you deserve money for it, you need to make it sustainable. The only way to do this is to invest in yourself to make sure you are navigating everything in the healthiest ways possible at every juncture. My business would not have even been a possibility in my mind if I had not invested in a bodyworker for my chronic pain, a therapist for my mind and nervous system, a spiritual healer for navigating my gifts while healing stuck energy, and a business coach who taught me that I was truly worthy of great success. If you can heal the pains, doubtful thoughts, and limitations of your past — you learn to love yourself and become unstoppable.

2 . Have a Vision, not a Plan

Logistics get in the way of ingenuity. I thought I had to have everything planned out before advertising myself and getting clients. I found my clients connected with who I was as a person, not my perfectly bullet-pointed program offerings. Be prepared to throw out 90% of your ideas (even fully completed ones) if they are not working. They are not failures, they are clearing out what clearly does not work for your business and clientele. How can you be flexible and in flow to find out what the fullest expression of your business venture is meant to become? If you white-knuckle how your business “should” unfold if you “do everything right,” you will never be successful in the fulfilling way that you seek.

3 . Know what to Keep Sacred

Entrepreneurial souls often have a lot of beautiful ideas, but cannot answer the doubtful questions that often arise in others. Keep some things to yourself to allow these dreams to play out, evolve, and change! A lot of people won’t understand what you are doing and are scared of all of the “what ifs.” Find the people that will celebrate your dreams, even if you don’t have all the answers. I would often overshare as a means to connect and it would turn into judgement from other people.

4 . Honor the Cycles

There are going to be highs and lows in your business. Days of rest will be required. Days where you get a week’s worth of tasks done in an hour’s time. You need to know that all of these cycles and moments are vital in the process.

5 . Value Service Not Sacrifice

When you have a business in alignment with a service that you know will help the world, success will follow. If you put over working until you have nothing else, the business will feel off. Do not take on clients who do not feel like a good fit just because it is more money, as it will usually evolve into something quite draining. Know your value and choose quality over quantity in your work.

As a leader, how do you rally others to align with your vision? Also, how do you identify those who may not be fully committed or even silently sabotaging or undermining your efforts? What steps do you take to address these situations?

I find that if you hold onto your overall mission, the right people will come to you. Don’t just go to networking events to network, find places that are in alignment with your values both inside and outside of your company.

As a spiritual healer and psychic I thought that the best spaces for me would be metaphysical shops, yoga studios, and places that felt safe/in my lane. The best connections I have made have been in places that just felt like a good spot to be in at the time. Some of these include — local breweries, coffee shops, speed dating nights, bridal showers, photoshoots, farmers and craft markets, Instagram, and more. And let’s face it, as entrepreneurs we want our lives to embody being unorthodox as much as possible.

Imagine were sitting down together two years from now, looking back at your companys last 24 months. What specific accomplishments would have to happen for you to be happy with your progress?

(Responding to this as if it has already happened) — I am so proud of honoring all the twists and turns of surprises within my business. The book I have channeled has been published and doing really well. I have hired a great team that is helping me expand my purpose to reach as many people as possible. I am currently getting ready to go on tour to connect with people. Next up is settling where we will open our women’s retreat center with our investors.

You are a person of enormous influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be? You never know what your idea can trigger. :-)

My movement would require that any time someone had to make a choice, they allowed that choice to be filled with the purest, highest love for themselves and all others — and allow that to truly be their guide. This can be tapped into at any time — I truly believe that


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Thank you so much for sharing all of these insights. We wish you continued success and good health!

About the Interviewer: Chad Silverstein is a successful entrepreneur with more than two decades of experience as a successful founder and CEO. He started his first company, Choice Recovery, Inc. a third-party collection agency, out of his apartment while going to The Ohio State University. He grew the business nationwide and represented more than 10,000 clients before he sold the company on his 25th anniversary. Chad’s second venture [re]start, a career development platform that helps people find new jobs, launched in 2013 as a division inside his agency. [re]start was a catalyst to Chad’s team becoming an industry outlier after connecting thousands of people sent to collections with new career opportunities so they could afford to pay their bills and get out of debt. His team was nationally recognized for their social impact, while twice being ranked the #1 business to work for in Central Ohio. Chad sold [re]start in 2023 and is now a writer and thought leader for Authority Magazine’s Entrepreneur and Sports Editorials. He also offers an exclusive executive leadership program inside his online community at Authentic Authority.