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I started my first company out of my apartment while living on campus at Ohio State. For more than 25 years, I hired entry-level employees and together we built an award-winning culture.

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A visionary, entrepreneur, leadership coach, and thought-leader with Authority Magazine with more than two decades of experience starting, running, and selling companies. A builder's journey that serves as a model for other striving executives pursuing a big dream, in work and life.

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Chad has an infectious smile that comes from a genuine, giving heart. He is a believer in the deepest sense of the word. He will out-hustle everyone around him and come up with more ideas than can be implemented. Chad is a man of his word. If you engage with him, you had better lace your sneakers, and get ready to get after it. You and he will never be the same. 

Chet Scott, Founder Built to Lead

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Your Builder's Journey

Lead Writer with Authority Magazine providing media opportunities to share your builder's journey.

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Interviews and articles with Authority Magazine, one of Medium's largest publications that sees millions of views every month.

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Authority Magazine

The most influential leadership magazine in the world. Syndicated to top media outlets with 135 million monthly views.

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Live Interview-Series

Deep dive into your journey, story, impact, or social impact initiative. Share your story with the world using an authentic interview that delivers digital assets that last forever.


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Chad is a powerhouse. He has boundless energy, extraordinary drive, and tremendous vision...but to top it off, he’s legitimately one of the most caring entrepreneurs I know. He is what innovation and vision look like when they are in the hands of a real connector. While working with Chad, I was deeply impressed by the culture he’s cultivated - an absolute business rock star. 

Jon LoDuca, CEO of Playbook Builder

Chad is someone that I deeply admire. His commitment to making a difference in people’s lives coupled with his passion and discipline is incredibly motivating to be around. He’s someone I trust implicitly and can always turn to for guidance and support.

Brett Kaufman, CEO of Gravity

I get a front-row seat to watch a lot of leaders as they engage with their teams. Working with Chad was great. He built a strong, engaged, and highly functional leadership team. As they implemented EOS, I watched Chad make deliberate decisions that allowed him to elevate into his role as a visionary. This transition freed him up to start new ventures. I often refer new clients to work with Chad because I know he'll provide value and take good care of them.

Alex Freytag, Entrepreneur and EOS Implementer

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